Mark Neijssel

Mark Neijssel, holds a M.Sc. in Bio-organic chemistry at University of Amsterdam. Since 1999 he has been active in various commercial roles within contract research organisations/companies for the (bio)pharmaceutical industry. His main activities have always taken place at the common ground of commerce and science.

At CWTS B.V. he is responsible for the development of the contract consultancy- and research activities for research management and evaluation purposes, and science policy development. In addition, he is involved in the development and delivery for our range of professional training courses to our clients. All of these activities are fuelled by the research conducted at the scientific institute.

Ed Noyons 

Senior researcher at CWTS since 1989. He acts as an intermediary between research and services. His prime interest is to link quantitative results and visualisations to appropriate and responsible use in the context of research management and policy. For him the process to move towards a report is most important. Sharing and discussing intermediate results with clients to optimise the use of the report is his daily business.  

Tjitske Holtrop

Researcher and project manager at CWTS since 2017. Tjitske is an anthropologist and is interested in the academic organization and co-creation of research value, societal relevance, and reward and recognition. Thinking about and developing methods that help us understand and talk about these complex things collectively is central to this. She is involved in projects around self-assessment, reward and recognition, interdisciplinarity and responsible research and innovation.

Jeroen van Honk

Researcher and bibliometric consultant at CWTS since 2015. Jeroen holds a BA in Linguistics combined with an MA in Book and Digital Media Studies, both from Leiden University. He is involved in various CWTS B.V. projects, with a special focus on funding acknowledgments and author disambiguation. He also aids the development of internal web applications to streamline various processes. 

Carole de Bordes 

Researcher and bibliometric consultant. Carole is a Msc graduate of International Development Studies at the University of Wageningen specialized in Environmental Social Sciences. She is generally passionate about science, network analysis and societal impact. Carole joined CWTS in 2018 and is currently involved in several performance and evaluation studies for independent contract research at CWTS B.V. She is also involved in coordinating and managing research institute projects. 

Clara Medina-Calero

Senior researcher at CWTS (since 2003). She has a background in Economics, and Science and Technologies Studies. As a researcher, she is interested in the way research organizations and founding organizations can be identified in scientific output, and the interpretation of analysis based on it. At CWTS, Clara is coordinating and managing the different contract research projects carried out at the BV and the institute.