About us

Our core mission is to contribute to a sustainable science system by providing high-quality services for research evaluation and strategic decision making. These services are based on analyses and visualisations of academic output, reach and impact of various types of research organisations. Our philosophy is that research quality and relevance are collective achievements involving many professional-, policy oriented- and academic stakeholders.


Standard bibliometric approaches alone do not capture the complexity of academic realities. Clients come to us for a broad range of services, e.g. they seek evidence for publication output and citation impact or request further insight into their collaborative networks. In other cases, they want to learn about the societal impact of their activities. Our broad portfolio of methodologies is combined and tailored to the specific evaluation of your organisation. We collaborate with you to produce vital material for accountability purposes as well as organisational learning and strategic decision-making.

5 benefits of CWTS B.V.

Having support in research evaluation and research management complements your organisation with the right expertise and capabilities.

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Leading role in validating and implementing novel evaluation practices.

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World class data infrastructure providing high quality data.

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We help our clients show their academic value.

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Strong expertise and vast experience in qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Long-standing relationships within academia, both in scientometrics and in social sciences of research evaluation.

Track-record of CWTS B.V.

Our involvement in the Leiden Manifesto and Responsible use of rankings demonstrate that we are committed to a sustainable science system. Our data, results and experience with evaluating research for the past 30 years equip us with a wealth of material and knowledge to put a client’s performance and strategic considerations into perspective and context.

How can we help you?

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