CWTS B.V. offers a range of services that support organisational learning and strategic policy planning in research management. Our Evaluative Inquiry approach helps research organisations with making their research values and strengths visible in the context of the research organisation and stakeholder relations. Furthermore, it is aligned with the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP) by VSNU, KNAW and NWO and provides valuable input for the self-evaluation report.

Evaluative Inquiry


The Evaluative Inquiry provides research organisations with input for research evaluation and organisational learning. With a rich portfolio of quantitative and qualitative methods and committed analysts, the EI makes visible an organisation’s research values and strengths in the context of the conduct of its research and the network of users and stakeholders.

Read more about the Evaluative Inquiry in the four thematic blog posts: academic value is more than performance, evaluative research in context, mixing methods for evaluating research and accountability & learning.

PhD survey

At CWTS, we understand the pivotal role that robust PhD policy and comprehensive training programs play in the success and development of doctoral candidates. Our PhD survey analysis provides input for organisational learning and aligns with the considerations of the assessment according to the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP). As such, it provides valuable input for the self-evaluation report and the committee in the end.

The use of Tableau dashboards allows our clients to navigate through the results, e.g., filter by PhD phase, research institute, etc. and drill into relevant details. It provides insight into the key reflection points outlines in the SEP:

– Overall well-being of PhD candidates
– Supervision and instruction
– PhD Programme Evaluation
– Quality Assurance Plan
– Training and Supervision Plan
– Career Guidance and Prospects

By partnering with us, you will receive a concise analysis of your PhD policy and training programs that will make your academic culture stronger.

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