CWTS B.V. offers a range of services that support organisational learning and strategic policy planning in research management. Our Evaluative Inquiry approach helps research organisations with making their research values and strengths visible in the context of the research organisation and stakeholder relations. Furthermore, it is aligned with the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP) by VSNU, KNAW and NWO and provides valuable input for the self-evaluation report. Additionally, CWTS B.V. offers a range of courses on using bibliometric analyses for research management and research evaluation.

Evaluative Inquiry


The Evaluative Inquiry provides research organisations with input for research evaluation and organisational learning. With a rich portfolio of quantitative and qualitative methods and committed analysts, the EI makes visible an organisation’s research values and strengths in the context of the conduct of its research and the network of users and stakeholders.

Read more about the Evaluative Inquiry in the four thematic blog posts: academic value is more than performance, evaluative research in context, mixing methods for evaluating research and accountability & learning.

CWTS Course 'Measuring Science and Research Performance'

The course aims to serve a broad audience that includes anyone with a professional interest in citation analysis, bibliometric visualisation, and other scientometric tools for research evaluation. The course is most beneficial for participants that already have some basic knowledge on bibliometrics and citation analysis

Visualising Science Using VOSviewer

The aim of this course is to give the participants a thorough introduction to science mapping, with a special emphasis on the VOSviewer software developed at Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies. Participants are introduced to the main techniques for visualising science. Special attention is paid to applications in a research evaluation and research management context.

Responsible Metrics for Research Evaluation

The aim of the course is to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the key issues related to responsible uses of metrics in research management and research evaluation. These issues will be addressed from a variety of perspectives. In addition to theoretical, conceptual, and methodological approaches, a variety of case studies will be presented to illustrate issues related to responsible metrics.

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