Monitoring & Evaluation

The objective of these products is to assess the research performance compared with international benchmark values worldwide and/or relevant benchmark institutes. Research performance is measured based on a range of bibliometric indicators. Four key dimensions of performance are measured bibliometrically: output, impact, context and collaboration.

Performance Analyses

Performance analyses assess scientific production and impact based on basic indicators and project-specific indicators. These are tailor-made studies designed to provide answers to strategic questions such as the impact of potential partnerships or the organisation's field specialisation. Performance analyses make it possible to assess scientific performance both at the discipline or field level and at the individual organisational unit level.

One of the most powerful and pivotal analyses CWTS B.V. provides is an analysis of an organisation's potential performance. In this analysis, the future performance is based on the past performance of the current research staff, including their work published prior to joining the organisation.

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The CWTS Leiden Ranking

The Leiden Ranking provides advanced measurements of scientific performance of each university as a whole. The world’s 500 major universities are included. This service is easily accessible online and the site is highly interactive as it enables visitors to set their own specific ranking parameters.

Benchmark Analyses

Benchmark analyses are derived directly from the Leiden Ranking. They deliver a much higher level of detail based on a broader range of indicators. Benchmark analyses make it possible to make in-depth comparisons with the selected benchmark universities. A university’s scientific activity and scientific performance in terms of impact and collaboration are compared against a set of relevant benchmark units.

Trend analyses are also provided that show how a university’s scientific performance has developed over a specific period of time.

Individual researcher profiles

Individual researcher profiles are designed to characterise all bibliometric aspects of individual researchers' scientific performance. This provides much greater insight than simplistic one-dimensional approaches to quantifying an individual’s scientific performance (e.g. h-index). These profiles are often used for potential awardees and principle investigators.

>> Example researcher profile

Journal Profiles

Journal profiles are bibliometric profiles of scientific journals. They furnish our clients with excellent insight into a journal’s positioning and standing within the scientific world.

Journal Indicators

Journal indicators measure the impact and visibility of scientific journals. Our indicators go beyond the regular journal impact factor to take field-specific citation characteristics into account. CWTS B.V. furthermore ensures that each journal is measured within the proper context.

Bibliometric Advice and Complementary Analysis

CWTS B.V. advises clients with strategic decision-making based on bibliometric performance data by assisting to interpret the data properly. Our company also advises clients on the correct choice of indicators and dimensions to ensure that the analysis renders the required answers.

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