Advanced Analytics

CWTS B.V. combines the powerful techniques of network analysis, text mining and visualisation to provide its clients with customised and sophisticated bibliometric analyses for highly strategic purposes.

All our analyses are fully supported by pre-developed techniques and tools, such as VOSviewer (, which is a science mapping and network analysis application developed in house.

Science Mapping Analysis

Science mapping analysis visually represents the scientific activities (i.e. research focus) of a country, organization or journal and particularly reveals its strengths and weaknesses. The visual representations allow complex analyses to be reported in an intuitive manner. Similar analyses can be carried out for a specific scientific field or sub-field of interest.

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Collaborative Network Analysis

Collaborative network analysis provides a clear view on the collaboration between various research groups and/or universities. This enables clients to accurately assess and appraise the value of their various collaborations.

Benchmark Identification

Benchmark identification locates relevant academic institutes for a proper benchmark analysis.

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