CWTS B.V. (Centre for Science and Technology Studies) is an independent contract research organization that provides high-quality research performance and evaluation studies.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Assess the research performance compared with international benchmark values worldwide and/or relevant benchmark institutes.

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Advanced Analytics

Combines the powerful techniques of network analysis, text mining and visualisation to provide customised and sophisticated bibliometric analyses for highly specific purposes.

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Training & Education

Provides users of bibliometric analyses with the knowledge and skills they need to interpret bibliometric statistics properly and usefully.

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Benefits of CWTS B.V.

  1. Strong expertise and vast experience in quantitative research evaluation spanning more than twenty years.
  1. Leading role in validating and implementing bibliometric mapping and network analyses thanks to the close affiliation with CWTS Leiden University.
  1. World-class data infrastructure providing high-quality data for research evaluation.
  1. Extensive track record with over 500 projects for more than 250 clients in the last decade.
  1. Standardised processes and protocols for state-of-the-art publication data collection.
  1. Long-standing relationships with prestigious universities ensuring validity, recognition and acceptance of CWTS B.V.’s reports throughout the academic world.




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