About CWTS B.V.

CWTS B.V. (Centre for Science and Technology Studies) is an independent contract research organization that provides high-quality research performance and evaluation studies. Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies forms the core of the company. This prominent institute has been an internationally recognised leader in this specialised field for more than twenty years. The strong working relationship with this institute ensures that CWTS B.V. can always utilise state-of-the-art bibliometric techniques and indicators.


CWTS B.V.’s reports are based on highly advanced bibliometrics, mapping and network analyses. These reports provide clients with a well-founded basis for making key strategic decisions with respect to improving their research performance. This gives them real added value because it significantly expands and improves their funding opportunities. The reports are well respected and accepted within the academic world due to CWTS B.V.’s sound scholarly credentials and professionalism.

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Benefits of CWTS B.V.

  1. Strong expertise and vast experience in quantitative research evaluation spanning more than twenty years.
  2. Leading role in validating and implementing bibliometric mapping and network analyses thanks to the close affiliation with CWTS Leiden University.
  3. World-class data infrastructure providing high-quality data for research evaluation.
  4. Extensive track record with over 500 projects for more than 250 clients in the last decade.
  5. Standardised processes and protocols for state-of-the-art publication data collection.
  6. Long-standing relationships with prestigious universities ensuring validity, recognition and acceptance of CWTS B.V.’s reports throughout the academic world.

Track-record of CWTS B.V.

In the past 20 years, CWTS B.V. has built-up ample experience in the field of science & technology indicators and research performance- and benchmark studies. Part of our staff can be considered as the founding fathers of this field, shaping it by contributing novel indicators (.e.g. SNIP, PPtop10%) and methodologies. In the past years, we have performed over 500 studies. These projects varied in size ranging from a straight-forward researcher profile to very sophisticated analyses based powerful methodologies such as network analysis, text mining and visualization techniques. The latter are typically used for research strategies and funding decisions.

Our analyses and reports are used by the following spectrum of clients: Universities, Academic Hospitals, Research Institutes, Funding Bodies, Government/European Union, Industry and Network Organizations. A sample of our each client-network is listed below.

  • Leiden University
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Manchester
  • University College London
  • University of Southampton
  • Heidelberg University
  • Uppsala University
  • ETH Zürich
  • EPFL

Every year, CWTS presents the Leiden Ranking. This ranking measures the scientific performance of 500 major universities worldwide. Using a sophisticated set of bibliometric indicators, the ranking aims to provide highly accurate measurements of the scientific impact of universities and of universities' involvement in scientific collaboration. It is presented via an intuitive and user-friendly website interface: www.leidenranking.com.

Furthermore, CWTS contributes to the field by ensuring well trained personnel. Twice per year, the course Measuring Science and Research Performance is organized by us. This course enables policymakers, librarians, researcher, etc to interpret bibliometric reports, and put the indicators which are presented in the correct framework.

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